Đại Đường Hồ Yêu Truyện

The Legend Of The Fox Spirit (2018)

(8.0 sao / 1 đánh giá)

Trạng thái:
Hoàn thành

Thể loại:
Tình Cảm, Viễn Tưởng

Quốc gia:
Trung Quốc


Đạo diễn:
Mi Lu

Diễn viên:
Han Song, Cai Hua, Liu Te

Thời lượng:
81 phút

Chất lượng:

Ngôn ngữ:

Lượt xem:
40 lượt

Nội dung phim

In the heart of the mystical forest, where the ancient trees whispered secrets of centuries past, there existed a tale as old as time itself. It was the Legend of the Fox Spirit, a being of unparalleled beauty and cunning, said to roam the shadows with a grace and elegance that captured the hearts of all who crossed her path. The Fox Spirit was a creature of mystery, her fiery red fur glowing in the moonlight as she danced among the stars. Legends spoke of her powers, of the magic that flowed through her veins like a river of light, weaving spells of enchantment and mischief wherever she went. But the Fox Spirit was not just a trickster and a seductress. She was also a guardian of the forest, a protector of all its creatures great and small. Beneath her cunning exterior lay a heart of gold, a fierce loyalty to those she deemed worthy of her care. Many sought to capture the Fox Spirit, to harness her power for their own selfish gain. But they were fools, for the Fox Spirit could never be tamed. She was a creature of the wild, a force of nature that would forever elude the grasp of mortals. And so the Legend of the Fox Spirit lived on, a story passed down through the generations, a reminder of the magic and wonder that still existed in the world. For as long as the forest stood, the Fox Spirit would remain, a beacon of light in a world too often consumed by darkness.

Đại Đường Hồ Yêu Truyện, The Legend Of The Fox Spirit